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Putting the 'care' back into caring! 

About Us - Care Agency in Middlewich

Spiritual Inspiration Ltd is a small family run care at home agency that are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service to our customers.

We are based in Middlewich Cheshire and currently provide services in Middlewich, Sandbach and Holmeschapel. Our company is designed as a small domiciliary care agency that will provide a range of services for customers aged 18 and above. We are not religious as the name may suggest to some, we are just driving to provide more empathetic care for the whole person.We formed in 2013 amidst the bad press that was on the news at the time because we wanted to prove that good care and genuine carers could look after the most vulnerable, and do it really well!

Spiritual Inspiration Ltd will provide an outstanding level of service to our customers. We will aim to exceed all other agencies in terms of our approach to the people who we work for. We will tailor each package of care / support that will not only meet the physical needs of our customers but also the emotional and spiritual needs. We will put the ‘care’ back into Caring!


Managing Director and founder

Tracy Ault RNLD BSc

Tracy began her career with her nurse training in leaning disabilities at Cranage hall hospital. She completed her training in 1989 and went on to work in a variety of settings within the hospital and community settings working with people who had challenging behaviour, epilepsy and physical disabilities before going onto a career in commissioning services for the NHS.

When she was made redundant from the NHS in 2013 after 27 years in the NHS she felt she was finally able to get back to providing excellence in care, proving that care could be delivered to individuals with care and compassion and was now in a unique position to lead and train her own workforce in the hope that this philosophy would generate ripples into other services and catch on! 

Director & Owner

John Sweetman RNLD

John is the second director and joint owner of Spiritual Inspiration Ltd

John began his career at Newchurch hospital as a carer before starting his nurse training at Cranage Hall hospital in 1987. He primarily worked with people who displayed challenging behaviour. He then moved to Stallington hospital, following the closure of Cranage in 1995.

He then went onto work for a not for profit company serving people with mental health issues where he gained a lots of experience in managing teams as well as working with vulnerable people with long standing and complex mental health.

John not only works for the company as the HR director and account manager, he also works for another care home as deputy manager. 

Care at home Manager

Helen Davies

Helen is our new manager at Spiritual Inspiration. Whilst she works towards registering as Registered manager, she is working hard to ensure that the company meets all our aspirations as a high quality care at home provider.

Helen wants to give an outstanding level of support to all customers and ensure that the staff are fully supported. She is working in a multi agency way, liaising with GP's, Social workers, district nurses and other providers to ensure we are fully inclusive and flexible.

She also brings a wealth of experience that she is applying to her new role that is proving invaluable in taking forward the role to a new level, leading by example.

The experience she brings varied, from working in a general hospital, care homes, area trainer, community care and general life experience and common sense!

Helen says 'In the hospital I was working with a whole host of different people, professions, patients, families, and medical conditions. I gained a vast amount of experience and insight into people, their needs and behaviours. This has made me a practical and empathetic person who wants to influence positive changes in care and how its delivered.

Throughout my career I have also learned about the value of treating people how I would like to be treated, and whilst I know I can 'manage' I also intend doing so fairly and honestly, that way I believe we will develop the best care, team and culture.'